Whole Asset Appraisals

Aircraft Engine Appraisals

Aircraft Engine Appraisals

The AAMI team has a vast amount of experience in aircraft engine appraisals. Through the years, we have given our clients an accurate value for their assets. This is done by valuing the engine on a half life basis, and adjusting according to the maintenance records and any other info available. The life limited parts and number of shop visits are also taken into account.

We have up to date market info that tells us the true value of your asset in this ever changing industry. That, coupled with our relationships with many of the OEMs allow us to know the right method to reach a correct value for each engine model.


APU Appraisals

Appraisals of APUs have many similar aspects to the aircraft engine appraisals. Our market research gives us a value at a half life state, and adjustments are made as needed. An audit of the mini pack will take place, giving the most accurate value to your asset.

We keep up to date technical and OEM maintenance data to ensure that all documents meet requirements. You can trust that AAMI will provide the best possible valuation for your APU.




Landing Gear Appraisals

The accurate appraisal of aircraft landing gear takes a team that really knows each of the units. That team is AAMI. Our many years in the field have given us the data and the know how to provide our clients with an accurate valuation. With our strong relationships with the OEMs, we are able to have the best knowledge of the configuration and the remaining life of a landing gear. Our market research shows us the value of your unit, and gives us a true understanding of what factors bring that value up or down.