Aviation Equipment Appraisals

AAMI has a long history in aviation equipment appraisals for all kinds of manufacturing and test stands, tooling and GSE. We provide values in regards to the general condition, age and remaining useful life. We also give you details on valuation factors that affect the assets, both physical and economic.

Test Aviation Equipment AppraisalsMachinery & Test Equipment

Your manufacturing and test equipment is what keeps your business running. Both as a means to conduct your daily business, but they can also be used as collateral assets in a line of credit. Because of this, aviation equipment appraisals are often times needed. What is most important is that the value given to those machines is right.

The value of these types of assets can be determined in many different ways. A simple market value is not always the best answer. The team at AAMI has years of experience in the appraisal of machinery and test equipment in the aviation industry.




Manufacturing Aviation Equipment Appraisals

Tooling & Fittings

 Understanding the true value of the tooling and fittings can be a large task. The market demand  of the end item can be a major factor in assigning a value. Over the years, the team at AAMI has created a tested and proven method for applying a value for these types of assets.

Choosing the wrong team for your aviation equipment appraisals can give you a value with no legitimate basis behind it. Contact us if you need to have your assets valued right, the first time.





Aviation Equipment Appraisals GSE

Ground Support Equipment

 GSE comes in all types. Our team has the experience and knowledge to value all sorts of ground support equipment, both commercial and military. From ground carts and generators to fuel bowsers and belt loaders. Consider AAMI your one stop shop for all of your appraisal needs. There is no project too large or small for us to handle.

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