Aircraft Inventory Appraisals

Aircraft Inventory AppraisalsAAMI specializes in aircraft inventory appraisals. We have built a proprietary, industry leading database of  sales, purchases and usage data from some of the largest players in the market. Our appraisal method does not stop there though, a computer matching of values is not enough to give an accurate parts appraisal.

Our team also maintains up-to-date market research and technical information on every aircraft. This allows for a specialized analysis of your inventory. With over 100 years of experience in the field, you can be sure that we have our fingers on the pulse of this market.

Lot Inventory Purchase Valuation

Another service that we offer is our lot purchase value. This works very much like our aircraft inventory appraisals, but with some key shifts in the method. The largest change is the focus on long term market value as opposed to the short term liquidation value that is seen in a standard appraisal.

Most of the report is based on how, or if, you can reach a return on your investment.


Aircraft Tear down Parts Appraisal

If you are looking to dismantle and part out an aircraft or other whole asset, consider this service. we can provide aircraft inventory appraisals for the parts that will be kept after tear down. A list of parts to be scrapped can be given as well.

Further, our team can create a report for engines or other whole assets that compare the value of piece parts or complete assemblies. This allows our client to get the most return on each part of the tear down.

We can also separate the parts to be torn down and their values by:

  • ATA
  • FSC (for military)
  • Turn Rate
  • Cross Platform Use
  • More



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