Aircraft Appraisals

Aircraft AppraisalsAAMI performs aircraft appraisals on all types of military and commercial aircraft. Each  of our aircraft appraisals give a current fair market value, a forecast value, and a residual value. We do this by using a refined method that has been developed over many years of work in the field.

We are made up of experts in each type of aircraft that we appraise. These are the team members that will be performing the physical inspections. This is an important point, due to the small aspects of each aircraft that are focal to what you look for.

AAMI keeps a complete, and up-to-date library of aircraft technical data and an electronic copy of all FAA required documents. Our market research team also keeps on top of the market, so that we always know the subtle changes that may affect the value of an aircraft. You can be sure that we are not using out of date data for our aircraft appraisals.

There are two main types of aircraft appraisals that the AAMI team works on;

  • Full Aircraft Appraisals: A full appraisal is one that includes an inspection of the aircraft and its records. This method gives a value that includes adjustment from a mid-time and mid-life basis. other adjustments can be made based upon other finding from the inspection.
  • Desktop Aircraft Appraisals: Our desktop appraisals gives a value that includes adjustment from a mid-time and mid-life basis. This method does not include a physical check. Other adjustments can be made based upon maintenance records.


We have the knowledge and experience to provide an accurate value for these types of aircraft appraisals:

  • Wide body Jets
  • Narrow Body Jets
  • Regional Jets
  • Corporate Jets
  • Private Aircraft
  • Helicopters
  • Military


Please contact us for more about our aircraft appraisals.