Types of Aviation Appraisals

Aircraft Inventory appraisalThe Team at AAMI provide several services to our clients, to include aviation appraisals and other consulting services:

Inventory Appraisals

AAMI specializes in aviation appraisal of aircraft parts, engines, helicopter inventories and support equipment. We have built an industry leading database of prices and usage history that will provide the most accurate appraisal of aircraft parts and support equipment. Our method consists of a variety of processes that obtain the closest approximation of current market value in the industry today. We always use the most current values and actual transaction prices when valuing an inventory.

aircraft appraisalAircraft Appraisals

We perform “full” and “desktop” aviation appraisals on Commercial & Regional Jets, Helicopters, and Military aircraft of all types. Each appraisal determines an aircraft’s Current Fair Market Value, Forecasted Value, and Residual Value using a refined and proven methodology developed over many years of experience.

To perform physical inspections, AAMI uses qualified personnel who are experts in each type of aircraft. We have compiled accurate information for airframes, engines and component overhaul costs, which are updated regularly. We maintain a complete up-to-date library of aircraft technical data and a computerized database of all FAA Airworthiness Directives, Service Bulletins and Notices of Proposed Rules. Knowing the cost of compliance for each of these is important in valuing the aircraft.

Other Whole Asset Appraisals

The AAMI team has a vast amount of experience in aviation appraisals of engines, APUs and landing gear. Through the years, we have given our clients an accurate value for their assets. This is done by valuing the whole asset on a half life basis, and adjusting according to the maintenance records and any other info available. The life limited parts and number of shop visits are also taken into account.

We have relationships with many of the OEMs that allow us to know the right method to reach a correct value for each model of equipment.

Aircraft Machine Appraisal

Equipment & GSE Appraisals

AAMI has spent many years working with the value of manufacturing equipment, test fixtures, tooling and GSE. We give our client insight into the condition, age and remaining useful life of the asset. Also, we give an analysis of other factors that may affect the value, such as physical or economic. Just like with any of our other aviation appraisals, you can be sure that you will get the most accurate value the first time.

Aircraft Surveys

We conduct a detailed physical inspection that includes photographs for your file. Our team will also provide you with a detailed written report of our findings and will tailor our report to meet your particular needs. We recommend this option when confirming physical existence, because photographs and a damage assessment is required.

Tax Letters

AAMI gives a valuation and all documentation required to support tax claims by accurately calculating aircraft values. Let us help if you are in need of an accurate, third party assessment of your aircraft’s value.